Professional washroom service

At BESAFE PEST CONTROL AND HYGIENE SERVICE, we provide a premium, customized washroom service to suit the requirements of your workplace, while avoiding disruptions to your business and creating a safe environment for employees and visitors.

Why do you need a washroom service for your business?

Excellent hygiene services are essential to any business wanting to create a great impression. To support business of all sizes and industries, we specialize in tailoring the right solution for your workplace.

With our services, your organisation can concentrate on your core business while we keep your premises clean, hygienic and attractive, while using nontoxic, environmentally friendly products which ensure your property maintains a safe and healthy environment at all times, showing your employees and customers that you care about their well-being and comfort.

How we can help you provide a safe work environment

BeSafe Pest Control and Hygiene Service provides solutions that are specifically designed to help you mitigate risk, reduce sick days, save money and increase productivity.

Our routine services are fast and designed to fit seamlessly into the schedule of your workplace. We give attention to detail and have a professional eye for the arrangement and placement of items with precision. BeSafe Pest Control and Hygiene Service work to create a pristine work environment that your staff look forward to work in every day, and your customers and visitors are comfortable to visit and know that you care about their health.

For professional washroom services on Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas,


Besafe Pest Control takes pride in our range of services. We cater to a variety of industries and sectors.


Member of the Master Builders Association of NSW. Member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. BESAFE are licensed professional pest control specialists in Sydney and we guarantee to eradicate all of your pests safely. Full inspection report. Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance.


BESAFE uses nontoxic, environmentally friendly eradication solutions so that your family is completely safe at all times. Our pest control methods are suitable for the interior and exterior areas of your home and are safe for babies & young children, asthmatics, pets and the elderly. Free Quote

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