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BESAFE PEST CONTROL provides professional pest control solutions for cockroach problems in homes on Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas. Cockroaches are not just an annoying problem, scuttling across our floors and along the shelves in the pantry, but they can also have serious health issues.

The antigens in the droppings of cockroaches can not only trigger attacks in people who suffer from asthma, but they also spread bacteria over uncovered food, food preparation surfaces and floors in your home, as they scuttle around your home.

With young children in your family, especially at an age when they are crawling around on the floor, cockroaches can be a serious health problem in your home.

How do you know you have a cockroach problem?

There is nothing quite like turning the light on at 2am in the morning and seeing all of the cockroaches scuttling out of the light to make you pick up the phone and call your local pest control specialists.

Without a doubt, you know that you have a cockroach problem when you see at least one cockroach in your home. If you see more than one, then the situation is becoming rapidly worse and more than two, then you now have a cockroach infestation. If you ignore the situation and don’t call your local pest control company, cockroaches can get completely out of hand in your home.

What to do if you have a cockroach problem

To prevent the problem becoming any worse, you need to remove all debris and rubbish from your yard, as cockroaches like to nest in these areas. Don’t leave any food out overnight and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, because these attract cockroaches.

Don’t leave open food packets and containers in the pantry, as cockroaches will walk all over these and nibble away at the contents. Then you or your children will eat the contents, unaware that cockroaches have been there before you.

Don’t stack old newspapers and magazines in the garage, because cockroaches like dark places. Instead either recycle them or if you must keep them, pack them into sealed containers. Obviously, you can’t pack everything in containers in your home, but being vigilant and aware, will go a long way to keeping cockroaches at bay.

As we all know, cockroaches are very resilient and many of the over-the-counter treatments for cockroaches don’t really fix the problem, particularly in the long term. You can put down baits, but cockroaches tend to have built up a resilience to these chemicals and killing one cockroach, doesn’t really resolve the problem.

The best solution is to call in the experts at BESAFE PEST CONTROL , who can quickly and safely put an end to your cockroach infestation with a tailored cockroach eradication treatment plan.

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