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BESAFE PEST CONTROL provides an efficient and very cost effective flea eradication program for home owners, real estate agents and landlords on Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas. Fleas in homes can be a serious and on-going problem, particularly if your pets are not treated for fleas regularly.

Every year, we see an increase in call-outs for residential flea infestations, usually as the months start to warm up and spring comes along. A regular flea eradication program can prevent the seasonal increases of fleas in residential homes and keep everyone safe and comfortable (including your pets), all year round.

Fleas in urban areas can be carried on any hairy pet or pest, for example mice or rats have fleas, but they are generally more of a problem with dogs, and to a lesser extent with cats. The problem with fleas is that they bite, and they will bite babies, young children and adults.

How do you know you have a flea problem?

You might notice that your pet has fleas, so it is important that you treat your pet for this problem immediately. It is however, also advisable to perform a professional flea eradication treatment, because if your pet has fleas, you will undoubtedly have fleas throughout your home, you just haven’t noticed them yet.

With a large flea infestation, you will notice fleas jumping on you when you sit on the sofa and hopping over the carpets. As soon as you enter an unused room you may also notice fleas jumping around, because they have been disturbed by your footsteps. This is why many home owners use a professional flea treatment before they go on holiday to prevent this happening when they return home.

Another common area for fleas is a kid’s sand pit in the garden, particularly if you have pets. This will require spraying for fleas as well, otherwise the problem will keep recurring, because the fleas will keep reinfesting your pets from the sand pit.

What to do if you have a flea problem at home

If the source of the flea infestation is your pets, then they will need to have regular and on-going flea treatments. Regular baths with a medicated flea treatment, as well as flea collars or other treatments that are available from your vet are a very sensible approach to preventing this problem occurring again.

At BESAFE PEST CONTROL , we offer safe and effective flea eradication treatments that will eliminate your current problem, but only regular flea treatments for your pets will prevent it from occurring again.

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