Washroom Sanitisers

Washroom Sanitisers

At BESAFE PEST CONTROL AND HYGIENE SERVICE, we know that sometimes the most dangerous germs are the ones you can’t see. We use discrete, long-lasting and automatic sanitizes to rid bathrooms of unwanted microbes and bacteria.

Why do you need to washroom sanitisers?

A clean washroom is more than just cleaning away the dirt and grime that you can see. Keeping your washrooms free of the bacteria and microbes that you can’t see will ensure a safe environment for your staff and visitors.

Most washroom users are weary of using public bathrooms due to poor hygiene, and for good reason. Dirty toilet seats and poor toilet hygiene happen due to tiny droplets of water spraying up from the bowl after flushing and landing on the toilet seat and other surfaces in the cubicle. These droplets can contain infection-spreading bacteria such as E. coli and can be found some distance from the toilet for up to half an hour after flushing! This is called the ‘sneeze’ effect. Toilet sanitisers can put a stop to the spread of germs and infections in your washroom.

On top of this, with poor hand hygiene being the highest contributor to the spread of germs and viruses, installing sanitisers in your washrooms can help to reduce the spread of illness among your staff and customers.

Ensure your washroom users feel safe and clean when using your facilities.

How we can help your workplace to stay free from the spread of germs

BeSafe Pest Control and Hygiene Service offers discrete, long-lasting and automatic sanitisers to rid bathrooms of unwanted microbes and bacteria.

Improve the health and hygiene of your workplace by using BeSafe Pest Control and Hygiene Service’s cost-effective, easy to use, safe and highly efficient washroom sanitisers.

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