Keeping your building safe from deadly spiders

BESAFE PEST CONTROL offers a comprehensive range of pest control procedures, including the eradication of dangerous spiders in homes on Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas. Australia has some of the deadliest spiders in the world, but at BESAFE PEST CONTROL we tend to find that only three types of spiders are generally a problem in homes within Sydney’s urban areas.

These are Redbacks, Sydney Funnel Webs and Huntsmen spiders.

Redback spiders: These spiders hide in dry, sheltered spots and their bite can cause prolonged pain, as well as nausea and lethargy. They are often found in mailboxes, under garden benches and chairs and even under toilet seats. Call us for a pest inspection and we will eradicate the Redback spiders quickly and efficiently.

Sydney Funnel Web spiders: Recognised as the deadliest spider in Australia, the Sydney Funnel Web tends to be found outside where they form burrows in damp, sheltered areas. Their bite can actually kill, so prompt anti-venom treatment is essential. Prevention with a professional pest inspection is vital to the health of your loved ones.

Huntsmen spiders: More dangerous for their scary appearance than for their bite, large huntsman spiders are well-known for darting around the house, hiding behind curtains and generally causing mayhem in households. Our pest inspection and eradication treatments will keep your home safe from Huntsmen.

How do you know you have a spider problem?

Redbacks are frequently found under chairs and tables in the garden, underneath dog beds and flower pots, under sinks and around pipes. If you have a kid’s cubby in the yard, you will also find them tucked away inside. The female Redback spider is known to be aggressive and their bite is highly venomous. A professional pest inspection will keep everyone safe from this deadly spider.

Huntsmen spiders running around your home is another popular reason for a professional pest inspection and spider eradication treatment, as is the first sight of anything resembling a Sydney Funnel Web in your yard.

With young children and pets in your family, eradicating spiders, such as Redbacks, Sydney Funnel Webs and Huntsmen is an essential step in keeping your family safe at home.

What to do if you have a spider problem

When you suspect that you have a spider infestation in your home, it is important that you keep your children and pets away from the areas that you know harbour these dangerous spiders. The next step is to initiate a spider eradication program with your local pest control company.

If you have a spider problem in your home, it is best to call in the experts, rather than attempt to fix the problem yourself, because we can deal with the problem safely and quickly.

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