Professional pest control in strata complexes

At BESAFE PEST CONTROL , we provide customised programs for pest control in strata complexes on Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas. The control and eradication of pests in strata buildings is essential to the health and well-being of the tenants, as well as to the reputation of the facilities management team who manage the property.

Whether it is a residential or a commercial strata complex, regular pest control inspections can save management a lot of money in the long run. The responsibility for eradicating pests in strata buildings, is often down to the tenants themselves, however the exterior and all communal areas are generally the responsibility of the management team, although there are exceptions.

How do you know you have a pest problem in a strata complex?

There are a whole range of pest problems that can occur in tenanted strata buildings, all of which required a customized solution.

Cockroaches in strata buildings: Landlords and management teams are largely responsible for cockroach infestations in strata complexes, which might be required every 6 months.

Rats & mice in strata buildings: If the rats and mice in strata complexes are due to the unsanitary behaviour of the tenants, then the pest control treatments are their responsibility. Otherwise, the management team is responsible for the eradication of rats and mice in strata complexes.

Bees & wasps in strata buildings: The eradication of bees and wasps in strata complexes is the responsibility of the strata’s management team.

Flies and fruit flies in strata buildings: The eradication of flies and fruit flies in strata buildings is generally the responsibility of the tenants, as these infestations are usually due to unsanitary behaviours regarding organic food and waste.

Fleas in strata buildings: If tenants are allowed to have pets in the building, then the flea eradication in a strata building is usually the responsibility of the tenant.

Ants in in strata buildings: Pest control measures for the eradication of ants in strata buildings is generally the responsibility of the facilities management team.

Termites in strata buildings: This is the sole responsibility of the management team and it is essential that a regular termite inspection and prevention program is in place, so that the integrity of the complex is maintained at all times.

What to do if you have a pest control problem in a strata building

If you are a tenant, check with your landlord or facilities management team to find out who is responsible for the strata complex pest control and ask for the details of their preferred contractor. If you are the facilities management team for a strata complex, then it is important that you implement an ongoing and professional pest control program for your building.

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