Professional and safe pest control in schools

BESAFE PEST CONTROL provides an environmentally friendly pest control program for the safe eradication of pests in schools on Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas. Pests in schools can be an ongoing problem, however the main focus must be on using the minimum amount of pesticides in schools and only using those that are safe for your children.

Any pest control treatments in schools must ensure that the safety of the students and teachers comes first. This means that baits must be tamper proof and all chemicals must be safe for young children.

How do you know you have a pest problem in your school?

The main types of pests in schools are cockroaches, spiders, rats & mice, bees & wasps, flies and fruit flies, ants and termites.

Cockroaches in schools: The droppings of cockroaches in schools can trigger asthma attacks in susceptible children and they can carry diseases such as salmonella, staphylococcus and streptococcus.

Spiders in schools: Redback spiders in schools hide underneath outdoor benches, tables and chairs, and Sydney Funnel Web spiders hide in damp, moist undergrowth, posing serious danger to young children.

Rats & mice in schools: These can transmit a variety of diseases directly through their droppings and their bites, and indirectly via carrying infected ticks or mites. Rats and mice in schools are attracted to garbage and to food debris in kitchens and external areas.

Bees & wasps in schools: Children can suffer an allergic reaction to stings from bees and wasps in schools. Garbage bins need to be kept covered and all sticky, sweet syrupy drink bottles need to be disposed in covered containers.

Flies & fruit flies in schools: Both flies and fruit flies in schools can carry diseases, so all sources of food, including rotting fruit, vegetables and meat must be disposed of safely.

Ants in schools: Ants can contaminate food left unattended and some ants can bite as well. Most ants in schools however, are just a nuisance and can be eliminated quickly with regular pest control measures.

Termites in schools: A termite infestation in schools can lead to structural issues in timber buildings or those with timber frames. A regular termite inspection and eradication program is necessary to fix the problem.

What to do if you have a pest control problem in your school

To reduce the amount of pesticides that need to be used to control and eradicate pests in schools, an integrated pest control program is essential. This involves regular inspections of the buildings and grounds, as well as a customised plan for the safe eradication of pests in schools.

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