Safe eradication of ants in homes and residential buildings

At BESAFE PEST CONTROL , we provide clients on Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas with a comprehensive and safe ant inspection and ant eradication program. The problem with ants is that they are specialists in finding sources of food, such as dead insects and other food debris, all of which are usually very plentiful in and around residential homes.

Whilst ants are not known to transmit diseases or to be poisonous to humans, they are annoying and unhygienic, and some ant species can even give you a nasty bite. So whilst ants outside might not be an issue for you, ants in the home are a different matter altogether.

Toddlers, young children and dogs can all drop bits of food on the floors of your home, which if not noticed can be a sounding bell to every ant in the vicinity of your home.

Once ants find a source of food in or around your home, they will zero in, each ant following a trail that can extend a very long distance from your home and back to their nest. Ants can also build extensive nests in the walls of residential properties, but generally they enter through small cavities or holes in mortar or concrete and build their nests outside in the garden.

An ant inspection and ant eradication program is essential for keeping ants away from your home, particularly if you have young children.

How do you know you have an ant problem?

Ants are usually easy to spot, because you generally don’t see one or two on their own. Most of the time you will notice a long trail of ants, up or down walls and along floors, coming in from outside and marching resolutely towards their latest treat.

Ants in homes are an on-going battle, because they can easily enter through the tiniest of cracks, which is why you need a regular ant eradication treatment program to resolve the ongoing battle.

What to do if you have an ant problem in your home

Baiting and spraying ants is all well and good, but if you don’t attack their nests, they will only come back again very quickly. Trying to kill ants with an aerosol spray that can be toxic to both your little ones and your pets doesn’t make sense. Even if you persist in using a surface spray, you are left with a big toxic mess to clean up on the floor.

The best solution is to leave ant eradication to the professionals who can do it safely and cleanly. At BESAFE PEST CONTROL , we use the latest environmentally friendly products to safely eradicate ants in homes and residential buildings.

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