Rats & Mice

Professional rats & mice eradication in Sydney homes

BESAFE PEST CONTROL offers a prompt and efficient rodent eradication program for rats & mice in homes and residences on Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas. Left alone, rats and mice can increase to plague proportions and since they are well-known for harbouring and transmitting a number of harmful diseases, they must be eradicated immediately.

Rodent droppings have been known to cause asthmatic attacks in children, and they can transmit tape worms, Lassa fever, Salmonella, Leprosy and Typhoid to people via scratches, bites, and contaminated food.

Mice and rats in homes can also cause damage by gnawing through timbers, electrical cables, furnishings and other materials, as well as by contaminating foods and food preparation surfaces. A thorough and comprehensive pest inspection of your home is essential for keeping it free of rodents.

How do you know if you have a rodent infestation?

Generally speaking, residential home owners will either see a rat or mouse running around their home or they will notice rodent droppings or gnawed food packets on the shelves or the floor of the pantry. It’s fair to say that when you see a mouse or a rat in your home you can be pretty sure that there many more in the vicinity, living either in your home or very close to your home, with easy access inside.

You might also see rat & mice droppings in the attic when you are fixing tiles, in the garage when you park your car, in the garden shed or even in the living areas, pantry and kitchen of your home. Keeping your family and loved ones healthy and safe from rodents is vital, which means that the early detection and eradication of rats and mice in your home is essential.

If you see mice or rats on your property and you do not request a pest inspection, you will soon find plenty of evidence that they have invaded your home, and their numbers will only increase. This is why it is important to call in the experts to eradicate rodents safely and quickly from your home.

What to do if you have rats & mice in your home

You can put down rat or mouse traps and bait, but these can be harmful and even deadly to pets and young children. Some of these baits look very attractive to both young toddlers and to pets, so you must be very careful where they are located around your home. It is always safer to call in the professional team at BESAFE PEST CONTROL to deal with rat & mice infestations, rather than go it alone and risk harming your children or pets.

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