Termite Treatments

Keeping Your Property Safe From Termites

At BESAFE PEST CONTROL , we offer a proven and guaranteed termite inspection and eradication solution for termite infestations in residential and commercial properties on Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas.

Termites or White Ants are nasty pests and can get out of control very quickly. Left untreated, they can devastate your home or commercial building, reducing its value and preventing a sale until the termite infestation has been treated and the damage fixed.

Our termite inspection and termite eradication treatments are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe for pets, babies, children, asthmatics and the elderly. We use a variety of treatments, depending on the severity of your infestation.

How do you recognize a termite infestation?

At first glance, termites look very similar to ants, but tend to be pale in color, which is why they are often called white ants. The signs of a termite problem are often found when you start to renovate a building and you remove the plaster board or gyp-rock to find mud tracks or mud tunnels constructed by the termites. You might also find timber that sounds hollow or ‘papery’, because the termites have eaten the inside of the timber.

  • Termites in restaurants: This is usually only a problem in free standing buildings, because they tend to be more protected if they are located within large complexes.
  • Termites in schools: Older style buildings that have used a lot of timber in the framework are quite susceptible to termites.
  • Termites in strata complexes: Again, older style buildings that have timber frameworks can harbour termites, as can any external timber buildings.
  • Termites in nursing homes: Many older nursing homes have been built with timber frames and may also have retaining walls and other external timber framed buildings that can draw in termites.
  • Termites in factories: Large factories with steel frames or concrete panels should be safe, but any untreated timber in or around the buildings will be a problem.
  • Termites in hotels: Older stand-alone buildings with timber frames can be susceptible to termites, particularly if they have wooden structures in the grounds.
  • Termites in homes: An infestation of termites in your home can cause devastating consequences, so it is vital that we get on top of your problem immediately.

What To Do If You Have A Termite Problem

Do not try and fix the problem yourself, because you can make it even worse. If you can actually see the termites, then pick a few up and keep them safe in a container of alcohol, so that we can ID the species when we perform a termite inspection. Your best strategy is to call us and we will manage the termite problem for you.

For the prompt and professional eradication of termites in homes or commercial properties on Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas,


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