Professional pest control for restaurants in Sydney

At BESAFE PEST CONTROL , we provide professional pest control for restaurants in Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas. In NSW, the Food Standards Code requires that restaurants take all practical measures to prevent pests from entering and breeding on their premises.

It is not unusual for the local council or the NSW Food Authority to perform random checks for pests in restaurants, as well as in response to customer complaints. Finding insects and pests in your restaurant can ruin your reputation and do irreparable damage to your business.

How do you know you have a pest problem in your restaurant?

The typical range of pests that are seen in restaurants includes rats & mice, and a variety of insects. For example, cockroaches in restaurants are a common occurrence, as are flies and ants in restaurants. Apart from ants and flies in restaurants, most pests tend to hide in dark places, coming out at night to forage. This means that you might not realise that you have a problem with pests until they become out of hand.

Mice and rats in restaurants: Mice and rats in restaurants tend to be found in the pantry and dry storage areas. The first signs of rats or mice in restaurants is usually the sight of their droppings on the floor, shelves or food preparation areas in the kitchen. When you actually catch sight of these rodents, they can be reaching plague proportions.

Cockroaches in restaurants: With heat, moisture, organic food and plenty of organic waste, cockroaches in restaurants are an ongoing battle. They hide in dark places where food debris accumulates and can easily transfer pathogens as they scuttle across food preparation surfaces.

Flies in restaurants: Common house flies in restaurants can be a problem because they are known to carry a number of diseases. They feed on decaying organic waste and transfer bacteria as they land on food preparation areas or uncovered food left unattended.

Fruit flies in restaurants: Fruit flies in restaurants are attracted to ripened fruits and vegetables and they breed in damp conditions, such as drains, mops, garbage disposals and empty bottles.

Ants in restaurants: Ants in restaurants are a persistent problem requiring high level sanitation measures to keep all food sources covered and all debris removed to covered receptacles.

What to do if you have a pest control problem in your restaurant

Besafe Pest control for restaurants focuses on a regular maintenance program that is designed to prevent the entry of pests into your premises and the eradication of pests on an on-going basis. You can certainly help by maintaining good food hygiene practices, but the easiest and fastest solution is to call in a pest control company.

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