Flies & Fruit Flies

Professional pest control for flies & fruit flies in commercial properties

At BESAFE PEST CONTROL , we provide professional pest control for flies & fruit flies in commercial properties on Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas. Flies and fruit flies in restaurants, hotels and nursing homes are an ongoing problem in Sydney, especially during the warmer summer months.

Both flies and fruit flies carry diseases and can transfer pathogens onto any surface in your business, particularly in kitchens, dining rooms and garbage disposal areas. Flies and fruit flies can live in drains, garbage disposals, empty bottles and cans, bin bags and garbage bins and will eat and lay their eggs on rotting fruit and vegetable matter (flies also favour rotting meat).

One of the biggest causes of fruit flies and flies in commercial properties are kitchen bins and garbage bins that are left for too long without being emptied.

How do you know you have a fly or fruit fly problem?

Fly eggs will hatch within 12 to 24 hours and fruit fly eggs within 24 to 30 hours, so your organic waste doesn’t have to be left for too long before you will notice maggots in your kitchen or garbage bins. This means that the first sign of a fly problem in commercial kitchens can be maggots in and around the garbage bins.

Of course, you might see the tiny fruit flies hovering over open fruit and vegetable containers, kitchen garbage bins, and open or used bottles of juice, beer or sweet drinks. On the other hand, flies can be seen anywhere, although they will congregate on uncovered sources of organic matter, be that fruit, vegetables or meat.

What to do if you have a fruit fly or a fly problem in your commercial business

It can be difficult to stop flies entering your premises, but with fly screens and a few preventative measures you should be able to eradicate flies and fruit flies fairly quickly.

Always place any rotting or fermented fruit or vegetable matter into covered receptacles and don’t leave organic matter uncovered in bins for flies and fruit flies to find. Don’t leave fruit and vegetables uncovered in the kitchen or pantry, because open fruit and vegetable pallets are a fruit fly’s nirvana.

Successful fruit fly and fly eradication requires that you clear all food debris from food preparation areas, floors, food storage and dining areas, and be judicious in keeping your commercial kitchen and dining areas free from organic waste at all times.

The best solution is to engage a professional pest control service who can use a safe and environmentally friendly fly and fruit fly eradication treatment to fix the problem.
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