Bed Bugs

Eliminate bed bugs and keep your family safe

BESAFE PEST CONTROL offers a very effective and safe pest control solution for bed bugs in residential homes across Sydney’s North Shore and Metro areas. Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that are generally found along the stitched edges of mattresses, where they can hide until they come out to feed. They don’t tend to cause infections in humans, but since they feed on blood, their bites, which are usually seen in distinctive lines along your arms, shoulders and legs can be very itchy.

Adult bed bugs are usually less than 5mm in size and are a dark reddish brown oval shape. The juveniles are much harder to see, because they are a creamy colour, however after they have fed they also become reddish brown in colour. They can lay up to 3 eggs a day and take 10 days to hatch, so in just one month, a single adult female can produce more than 60 bed bugs!

How do you know you have a bed bug problem?

Did you know that you can introduce bed bugs into your home after staying in a home or hotel that has bed bugs? They can hop a fair distance, so they can land in your suitcase or travel bags and you can inadvertently bring them home with you after a holiday.

One of the first signs of a bed bug infestation is usually when people complain of small, red, itchy bites in the morning, but some people don’t suffer from itching and just notice the small red bumps instead. Other signs of a bed bug infestation are seeing small blood spots on the sheets or small dark spots, which are actually faecal pellets.

If the bed bug infestation is pretty bad, you will most probably find it easy to spot the bed bugs by stripping your bed and inspecting the stitched edges of your mattress. They can also be found in the carpets, drawers, wardrobes, headboard crevices and skirting boards.

What to do if you have a bedbug problem at home

Bedbugs in homes can be very frustrating, but they can be eradicated quite easily with the right type of professional treatment. Many people think that vacuuming their mattresses will fix the problem and sometimes it does help.

The problem is however, that bedbugs can hide just about anywhere in your bedroom, so if all you do is vacuum the mattress, they can easily hop back from their hiding spot in the carpet, the bedside table or the skirting boards. The most effective and the fastest solution for eradicating bedbugs is to call in the pest control experts who can fix your problem once and for all.

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