When you want an effective low-profile pest control solution for all pest bird species, consider the Flex Track. The Flex Track offers an almost invisible deterrent that is effective, yet non-harmful to all pest bird species.

This pest bird control strategy makes use of a 5mm system that blends in with your structure. It is designed to condition birds with static electricity level shocks that do ZERO HARM. Flex Track keeps birds from landing and roosting in undersirable areas.

If you have a flat surface that needs bird exclusion without being obvious, choose Flex Track. It is perfect for signs, windows, ledges, beams, parapets, pipes and more. It is also extremely flexible. However your building is designed, we can control your bird problem with Flex Track.

How it works: We set up stainless steel components and aesthetically matching U.V. flexible PVC tracks on the area you want to protect. Colors come in brick red, black, beige and grey. The charger unit can be either A.C. or solar powered.


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